Current MOED Job Openings

The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development is looking for energetic and creative individuals to assist with providing workforce services to residents of Baltimore City. In order to be considered for any of our vacancies, email your resume and cover letter to our HR Dept. at [email protected].

Only qualified applicants need to apply. MOED is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.


Job Title Salary # Job Description
Custodian (part-time) $13.95/Hour 1 Full Description
Custodian $13.95/Hour 1 Full Description
Career Navigator  Low $40K-Mid $40K 1 Full Description
Career Development Facilitator  $37,064- $50,822 2 Full Description 
Unit Supervisor $19.00 /Hour 4 Full Description
Unit Clerk $14.00/Hour 6 Full Description
Data Entry Clerk $14.00/Hour 5  Full Description
Receptionist $14.00/Hour 1 Full Description
Field Monitor $17.00/Hour 1 Full Description
Assessment Staff $19.00/Hour 5 Full Description
Job Developer $19.00/ Hour 1 Full Description
Job Readiness Coach Low $50k to Mid $50k  1 Full Description 
Career Navigator, Hire Up Low $40K to High $40K  1 Full Description
Business Services Representative, Hire Up Low $50K to Mid $50K 1 Full Description
MIS Technician Mid $30K to Low $50K 1 Full Descripition