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MOED's mission is to deliver economic justice to Baltimore residents. To MOED, economic justice means creating an equitable workforce system that responds to all residents’ needs and provides viable economic opportunities to all residents, especially those who have been generationally and systemically disadvantaged. Our vision is for all city residents to maximize their career potential, and all employers to have the human resources to grow and prosper – we are creating a workforce system that works. We believe that every resident deserves the opportunity for meaningful work and a hopeful future. 

Logo--Baltimore Workforce Development BoardMOED works in concert with the Baltimore Workforce Development Board (BWDB), a mayoral appointed board, to address the diverse workforce needs of Baltimore’s employers and job seekers. MOED partners with the BWDB and workforce stakeholders to ensure combined efforts are well-coordinated, high-quality, and impactful for jobseekers and employers.


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Media inquiries regarding the Mayor's Office of Employment Development and YouthWorks should be sent to our Director of Communications and Digital Media Keyarah Watson at Keyarah.Watson@baltimorecity.gov.


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