Mayor Scott Announces $55 Million Investment to Put Baltimore Back to Work and Ensure Equitable Economic Recovery from COVID-19

$30 Million to Expand Workforce Development and Job Placements for Youth and Disadvantaged Job Seekers; $25 Million Economic Recovery Fund to Support Nonprofits, Artists, Small Businesses, and Childcare Providers 

"Each of these strategies could be considered a stand-alone initiative to serve a distinct population, but they are meant to work in concert together to advance our mission to bring economic justice to Baltimore City. That means creating an equitable workforce system that responds to the needs of all residents and provides viable economic opportunities to all residents — especially those who have been generationally and systemically disadvantaged." Jason Perkins-Cohen, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development


Jason Perkins-Cohen speaks next to Mayor Brandon Scott

MOED Director Jason Perkins-Cohen speaks as Mayor Brandon Scott looks on.


The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) coordinates and directs workforce development initiatives responsive to the needs of Baltimore City employers and job seekers in order to enhance and promote the local economy.


Our vision is for all city residents to maximize their career potential, and all employers to have the human resources to grow and prosper – we are creating a workforce system that works.                                                                                   

Jason Perkins-Cohen     



Jason Perkins-Cohen
Director, MOED

Logo--Baltimore Workforce Development BoardMOED works in concert with the Baltimore Workforce Development Board, a mayoral appointed board, to address the diverse workforce needs of Baltimore’s employers and job seekers. By directing a broad array of innovative programs and collaborating with a host of specialized organizations, MOED acts as the city’s primary agent of workforce development services and coordinates the efforts of all its workforce partners to create a seamless workforce system.

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