Meet Gilbane Building Company

Workforce Challenge 

Through a collective effort involving the Maryland Stadium Authority and Baltimore City Public Schools, the City of         Baltimore has engaged in a $60 million plan – the 21st Century School Building Program – to provide Baltimore City children with the modernized, technology-equipped, adaptable and shared community school buildings they deserve.

Workforce Solution

In April 2016 Gilbane Building Company/RAM, a general contractor, asked the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development’s Employment Connection Center (ECC) for assistance providing the needed manpower to help with construction projects at Frederick Elementary School and Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School. Thanks to a positive, longstanding workforce partnership with the ECC, Tony Marshall, president of RAM Contracting knew that the center would be able to identify good candidates in the construction trades. And they did,   showcasing more than 50 local area jobseekers with an interest in construction to be considered for work at the two school sites. 

Outcomes & Benefits

The ECC has placed a total of 14 local job seekers with the contractor to work on the two projects at an average wage of $20.73 per hour. The 21st Century School Building Program will shortly move into Phase 2, and the ECC is well-equipped to connect more residents to these construction jobs and help them build their careers. It’s expected that 26 more schools will be included in the program.

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Jacqueline Opher Photo

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