Meet Shirley


Workforce Challenge 

As a long-term Macy’s Department Store employee, Shirley Timmons never imagined at 60 years old she would be looking for another job. However, when the store at Owings Mills Mall closed, Shirley was laid off and was indeed out of a job.

Workforce Solution

Shirley visited the Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation (GEDCO) Community Job Hub in Northeast Baltimore for assistance with finding a job. This is one of several community job hubs in Baltimore operated in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, which provide workforce development services in neighborhood-based settings. She had been job hunting for a few months and interviewed with several companies, but had not been hired for any positions. The staff at   GEDCO helped Shirley enhance her resume and coached her on the best strategies for finding employment in her area of expertise.

During Shirley’s job search with GEDCO, her career counselor, D’Anne Avotins, informed her that one of the jobs she’d previously interviewed for twice was posted again and that she should apply. Shirley was understandably apprehensive to pursue this opportunity for a third time, but Avontis explained that hiring managers often must choose among many qualified candidates when filling positions and encouraged her to try again.

Outcomes & Benefits

With that support, Shirley did apply again with her revamped resume and sharpened interview skills. This time she was successful and was hired as an Administrator by PDP Group, a leading provider of auto insurance for dealerships. Shirley is very grateful for the help with her job search and says without the GEDCO Community Job Hub, she would not have the confidence and skill to land this job. 


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