Meet Asten


Workforce Challenge 

Asten is currently a student in the Electrical Technology Program at the North American Trade School in Baltimore. He is anticipating his graduation and decided that he wanted to seek full-time work while he finishes his schooling.    

Workforce Solution

Asten connected with the Eastside One-Stop Career Center in Baltimore to help him meet his goal. At Eastside, Asten was immediately partnered with a Career Development Facilitator who conducted an initial assessment and provided him with career guidance and coaching. 

Asten presented his resume to his Career Development Facilitator, who observed that the resume was a good start, but needed many revisions. Over the next 48 hours Asten and his facilitator corresponded via email until together they developed a top notch resume that could strongly market Asten’s experience and goals. MOED’s free, professional workforce development services proved to be effective. Within three short days of having a new and improved resume, Asten was able to interview and obtain employment.

Outcomes & Benefits

Asten now works as a full-time electrician apprentice for Bay Construction Services at the rate of $15.00 per hour. The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development helps Baltimore City residents like Asten connect with employment so they can continue their journey towards their career goals.


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