Meet Anita


Workforce Challenge 

When Joe Corbi’s Pizza closed in February 2015, Anita Berry found herself unemployed after working 18 years as a Production Manager for the company.  


Workforce Solution

Her aunt, a local community association member, referred Anita to the Employment Connection Center in South Baltimore; Anita visited the center to get help and discuss options for finding new employment. She immediately enrolled in computer classes provided through the center’s digital learning lab and received assistance with updating her resume. Thanks to her hard work and guidance from center staff, she earned certifications in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and mastered efficient use of the Internet.

“The ECC is a good environment; everybody helps and returns your calls,” said Anita. “It was a good decision to make [coming to the center for assistance]. I felt very comfortable at the ECC.”

Anita quickly obtained temporary employment with the Amazon Fulfillment Center. Amazon loved working with her so much they wanted to keep Anita after peak season due to her excellent work record. Anita was hired permanently and continued to work full-time while still visiting the ECC to hone her skills. 

Outcomes & Benefits

Anita plans to obtain her certification for IC3, a benchmark test for basic computer literacy, including operating systems, hardware, software and networks and become a Test Proctor because she enjoys working with computers and meeting new people. She recently became employed at a full-time job more suited for her career path at Scientific Specialty Services. She credits her computer certifications and valuable computer language skills developed at the ECC as the reason she is confidently able to apply for various positions in her desired career field. 

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