Meet Brian

Brian Phillips

Workforce Challenge 

Brian Phillips earned his diploma from Digital Harbor High School in 2014, but hadn’t really thought about what to do next. He graduated without a plan. 

Workforce Solution

He took a part-time seasonal job with UPS in late 2014 and when that was over, he once again wasn’t sure which way to go. Brian was lucky to run into a job developer at the Youth Opportunity (YO) Baltimore Center located in West Baltimore, who said – “come by, I’ll get you a job.”

So Brian set about utilizing the services at the Westside YO Center, including building a resume, practicing interview skills and filling out job applications. “I also went online and completed various surveys that helped me get a better idea of my personal strengths and my work abilities,” Brian said. “I have great hand-eye coordination. It’s easy for me to take apart a car and put it back together efficiently. I’m very good with tools.”

In June 2015, Brian started what was supposed to be a three-month tryout employment with Anderson Auto Body. In fewer than two months, they offered him a full-time position as an A Level Technician. “I make way more than minimum wage, and I get paid vacations,” proudly shared 19-year-old Brian Phillips, as he stood in the lot where he works at Anderson Auto Body. 

When asked what helps him stay motivated, Brian responded, “I have to make sure my priorities are straight. I have to apply self-discipline like, go to bed at this time, get up at this time. It helps me establish skills to be independent.”

Outcomes & Benefits

What’s next for Brian? His father helped him set up a plan to put aside $200 each month to save for a car and in the next five-to-10 years he wants to move up to be a C Level Technician. In Brian’s words, “I want to be better than I was yesterday; make sure I don’t make the same mistake twice; and I want to keep building on the basic skills and apply to more advanced objectives.”

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