Meet Joanne

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Workforce Challenge 

When Joanne Brown first came to the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development’s Career Academy, a public school focusing on employee readiness for youth, she was connected with GED classes, which enabled her to complete her diploma. Joanne was also connected with work experience at Mercy Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital that provided her with a stipend and the opportunity to learn about medical records and assisting with insurance billing.

After her medical work, Joanne gained a trader’s license which allowed her to follow her passion and start her own business dealing in art and antiques. After she lost access to her storefront due to leasing issues outside her control, she continued to operate a smaller scale business on eBay. However, she found she needed a more stable income with dependable benefits, so she returned to MOED 20 years later to start the next chapter in her life.


Workforce Solution

With help from MOED’s career counselors, Joanne got five job interviews with Horseshoe Baltimore Casino. After the interview process was complete, Joanne landed a security officer position with the casino. Since beginning her job at Horseshoe a year ago, Joanne has received the Employee of the Month Award, been nominated to Horseshoe’s Heavy Hitters Club, and received the Heavy Hitters Award. As part of her recognition, she had the opportunity to walk on the baseball field before an Orioles game, receive an autographed baseball, and meet the O’s mascot, the Bird.

While Joanne enjoys her position at the Horseshoe, she has reconnected with MOED at their newest satellite employment center, the Employment Connection Center to pursue new opportunities. Joanne described the ECC as warm and inviting, and she continues to receive one-on-one assistance there.

Outcomes & Benefits

Joanne says of her overall experience, “MOED has helped me sustain knowledge that I need to gain job skills necessary to move forward in my endeavors for the future.” Encouraging others to use the service, she added, “Experience the power of trying to move forward with the Employment Connection Center; it's a warm and inviting place offering you one-on-one time that will help you gain job readiness, and computer literacy.” 

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