Meet Kevin

Photo of Welder

Workforce Challenge 

In spring 2016, Kevin was released from prison and placed on home monitoring. He desperately wanted a fresh start, but was well aware that his theft offense was going to hinder him from moving to the next phase of his life.  

Workforce Solution

Kevin visited the ReC (Re-entry Center) at the Northwest One-Stop Career Center in Mondawmin Mall that specializes in providing workforce services to those previously incarcerated. He was immediately placed on a job-readiness plan, which focused on skill development to enhance his resume and improve job interview skills. Career Counselor Jimmy Smith worked closely with Kevin to resolve barriers to employment, such as past-due traffic tickets. The removal of that barrier allowed Kevin greater mobility and increased the geographic area in which he could apply for jobs and work. Smith also referred Kevin to JARC (James Addams Resource Center) at the Regional Skills Training Center in West Baltimore to participate in its welding training program. Kevin successfully completed the training and secured a job in September 2016 with the Iron Workers Local 16, earning an hourly wage of $19.50.

Outcomes & Benefits

Thanks to the connections and support provided by the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development’s Re-entry Center, Kevin resolved personal issues keeping him from employment and secured a good-paying job – all within four months. Today, he continues to progress in his welding job and continues training with JARC to obtain his NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking) certification. Once certified, Kevin will be able to apply for promotions that include greater responsibilities and higher wages. 


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