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Workforce ChallengeMeet Justin

In 2012 Justin Hamlet graduated from Friendship Academy of Engineering & Technology, a Baltimore City public high school. After graduating he was accepted into the Year Up program at Baltimore City Community College. Year Up is a one-year intensive technical and professional skills development experience during which students receive college credits and placement in an internship with a major corporation. “I had an internship with Morgan Stanley but after six months, I wasn’t able to complete the program,” Justin said.

Workforce Solution

“Redefining me was the focus of 2014 and I spent a lot of time examining my morals and principles, trying to find out what was truly important. I realized that what has the most value to me is family, setting goals and taking on leadership roles,” Justin explained.

Justin enrolled in the Youth Opportunity (YO) Center in East Baltimore, operated by the Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition (HEBCAC). As a YO member Justin was eligible to receive a continuum of personal and career-related services to ensure his success.

Justin refined his employment focus in 2015 by continuing to fill out job applications and try to decide what was next. Justin recalled, “My mentor had seen a flyer about the Water Industry Youth Career Mentoring Program and he gave me the contact information, which I called right away. And then I started the program in January. I knew that it would be almost six months before I would get a paid job opportunity so I had to focus on the bigger picture.”

Through the water industry program, Justin was assigned a paid summer job with the Department of Public Works (DPW) through the YouthWorks summer jobs program. Justin was one step closer to a permanent job that could lead to a career.

Outcomes & Benefits

Justin remembered, “I finished my paid internship in mid-August and on August 31st I was hired by DPW as a Community Aid, a two-year contracted position. Thirteen months later I was offered the job of Customer Care Analyst I, a full-time position with benefits, along with a raise! I am currently on the list for a Customer Care Analyst II position. I want to go back to college and finish with a degree so I can move into the accounting or finance department at DPW.”

“I’d like to stay employed with the city and be able to have a positive effect on Baltimore,” Justin Hamlet shared excitedly. “And I want to see the Seven Wonders of the World.”

“The Water Industry Youth Career Mentoring Program helped me realize my true potential and in the same sense it allowed me to show true perseverance,” Justin said proudly.

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