Meet Wandalee

Wandalee Spekis' Photo

Workforce Challenge 

Wandalee Spekis was unemployed and needed a fresh start. She always wanted to work in the cyber security field but didn’t have the training or knowledge of where to begin.   

Workforce Solution

She visited the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment’s Eastside One-Stop Career Center (ESCC) in February 2016 for assistance in seeking training and job placement. The ESCC helped Wandalee with job search skills by enrolling her in workshops focusing on teaching the latest job search techniques, with special attention given to online applications and assessments. For several months, Wandalee’s career counselor Gary Figueora assisted with improving her resume, writing effective cover letters and thoroughly completing job applications.

During this time, the ESCC helped Wandalee enroll in Towson University’s Cyber Security Specialist program. She was accepted into the program, and the ESCC managed funding for the course with training dollars provided through an Individual Training Account.  

Outcomes & Benefits

Upon completing the training, Wandalee received her A+, Net+, Security+ certification and was able to secure a job as a Service Desk Analyst with KeyW + Sotera Defense Solutions at a starting salary of $21.00 per hour. 

Wandalee enjoys talking to customers on the phone and assisting them with computer hardware and software issues. She says she would like to remain with the employer and continue to apply for certifications that will advance her career. Wandalee stated that the ESCC “was a great place and I was so thankful for their help.”

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