Meet Yolanda

Workforce Challenge

In 2018 Yolanda Burnett moved to Baltimore from Arizona to be closer to her family. She was interested in getting a job at Johns Hopkins Hospital, given its stellar reputation and that a family member was successfully employed there.

Workforce Solution

Her daughter told her about services for job seekers provided by the Eastside One-Stop Career Center (ESCC), managed by the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development. Yolanda met with ESCC’s Career Development Facilitator Gary Figueroa to discuss her career needs and concerns about the competitive job market. Mr. Figueroa helped to ease her stress by improving her resume and enrolling her into the career center’s certified job readiness workshop, designed to help her with interviewing techniques and soft skills development.   

Outcomes & Benefits

She attended three workshop sessions that helped her feel more confident about pursuing a new career. Yolanda used her newly honed skills and was hired at Johns Hopkins Hospital as a Security Officer. Yolanda performed so well, that in just one year, she was promoted to a Security Officer in the Addiction Services Division. 

Yolanda plans to continue her career advancement and hopes to work in security in the Triage Unit where she will have more responsibility. 


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