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Workforce Challenge 

When staff at Maryland Thermoform decided to expand their manufacturing operations in 2018, they knew they could count on the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development to help. Through an MOED job fair in 2017, they successfully hired two Baltimore City residents to fill the positions of Material Handler and Administrative Assistant.  

Workforce Solution

Rosemary Woren, MOED’s business services representative, immediately entered job orders in the Maryland Workforce Exchange application  system, a statewide employment website for job seekers, and created recruitment flyers to share with their large pool of workforce partners and pre-screened  qualified candidates. By utilizing these recruitment and screening resources, Maryland Thermoform was able to select from a pool of qualified candidates, cut down on recruitment time and save money.  

Outcomes & Benefits 

Nakiesha Crawford, one of the three referrals that Maryland Thermoform hired, started as an Administrative Assistant. She has impressed the company with her multi-dimensional work abilities so much that she is now also assisting the  accounting department in addition to her original duties.   
Maryland Thermoform’s Human Resource Administrator Danny Simmons  commended MOED saying, “You have been a good resource for referrals for us  because you give us more than one candidate. You make it easier for me because you screen them first.”    

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