Meet Michael

Michael S

Workforce Challenge 

Underemployed, Michael registered at the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development’s Northwest One-Stop Career Center (NWCC) in July 2018. He had a felony conviction that was hindering him from finding adequate employment, and NWCC’s Re-entry Center specializes in providing workforce services to those previously incarcerated.

Workforce Solutions 

While attending the NWCC Job Club, Michael learned about Bridge 2 Career (B2C) – a program that prepares job seekers for career pathway training in selected high growth industries, including construction trades, transportation, manufacturing, and logistics/warehousing. 

After assessing his obstacles and work history, NWCC’s Career Navigator referred Michael to the Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) for Welding Certification training. JARC provided the technical skills training, and B2C provided soft skills instruction needed to find gainful employment. The Career Navigator kept in contact with Michael during the 16-week training helping him stay focused and on track.

B2C staff provided Michael with skills to help him succeed, including how to discuss his criminal past with an employer and ways to highlight his skills and accomplishments. They helped him enhance his resume and conducted several mock interviews for Michael to practice these new skills.

Outcomes & Benefits

Michael’s hard work paid off. Fewer than two weeks after completing his training in June 2019, Michael was hired as a Welder with Strum Contracting at a starting salary of $20 per hour. He’s well on his way to his goal of becoming a Master Welder.

In response to how well Michael is doing on the job, Strum Contracting’s Human Resources Director Tiara Strum said, “Michael is doing really well. He always comes to work with a great attitude … he’s a joy to work with.” 

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