Meet Devin

Meet Devin

Workforce Challenge 

After being charged with a handgun violation eight years ago, Devin Ross’s employment opportunities were limited.

Workforce Solutions 

After years of working short-term and low-wage jobs, he knew it was time for a change. Looking to find a career that offered him a chance to grow, he worked to identify more stable opportunities by meeting with Jimmy Smith, a career navigator at the Northwest One-Stop Career Center. After reviewing his skills and available opportunities, Mr. Smith identified a recruitment event for Akal Security. This event was being hosted by Lisa Nash, business services representative at Baltimore Works One-Stop Career Center, an employment center operated by Maryland’s Department of Labor. There was one problem though: Devin was convinced that his past would prevent him from getting a job working security.

Fortunately for Devin, there was no issue at all.

Because Devin’s gun violation was several years old, Mr. Smith encouraged him to apply for a security guard position at BWI Airport that Devin learned about at the recruitment event. This decision proved to be an excellent one, as Devin had a stellar interview, was offered the job and started working there in January 2019.

Outcomes & Benefits

Not only did Devin earn a stable job with benefits for the first time, but by doing so, he proved that his past did not have to define his future.

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