Success Stories

Meet Leanne


Leanne Tilton had not worked in corporate America in years. Like many people, she decided that caring for her aging parents was more important.

Meet Jamesha


Jamesha Perkins, 19, always wanted a summer job, but she felt like there was no hope for her or other people her age. 

Meet Christine

Phone Operator

Former Baltimore City police officer Christine Boyd was working as a coordinator at a local nonprofit in late 2010 when the organization lost funding and she found herself out of work.

Meet Taiwan


Taiwan Hill had been out of work for more than two year and desperately needed to find a way to obtain a job again.

Meet Sharon

Sharon Jackson

Sharon Jackson enrolled in Youth Opportunity (YO! Baltimore) in October 2005, shortly after dropping out of high school from City College. She reported that she purposely neglected her studies and her school grades suffered. 

Meet David


For David, working at Second Chance is motivating him to earn his high school diploma. “[This job] makes me want to strap down more and get my GED faster so I can move on to other things. I do want to go to college,” he said. 

Meet Shavae


Shavae Mann arrived at Youth Opportunity (YO!) Baltimore in October, 2009, with a long history of difficulties. In 2004, when she was 13 years old, her mother left her and her twin brother home alone and never returned.

Meet William


William Durant suddenly found himself out of a job after 25 years working for a trucking company that went out of business in 2009.


Meet National Aquarium Baltimore YouthWorks Group

National Aquarium Staff

The National Aquarium Baltimore has about 1.6 million visitors a year, and its busiest season runs from April to October. For the past three summers, the Aquarium has supplemented its staff by participating as a YouthWorks job site.

Meet Tyrone

Meet Tyrone ImageTyrone Turner, a junior at Baltimore's Dunbar High in 2010, needed a summer job.