Youth Opportunity


Youth Opportunity (YO) Baltimore serves youth between the ages of 17 and 24 who are disconnected from school and/or the workforce and links them to community-based educational, workforce preparation and personal development services. Operating out of two safe, youth-friendly centers – one in West Baltimore and one in East Baltimore – YO embraces a youth development model that builds upon the existing strengths of each YO member, connects them with caring adults, and offers a full range of beneficial services. 

YO Baltimore Contacts

YO Administration:

Ernest Dorsey, assistant director, 410-396-6722

Youth Opportunity Division

Mayor’s Office of Employment Development

101 W. 24th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

[email protected]

YO Westside:

Kerry Owings, manager, 410-545-6953

YO Westside Center

1510 W. Lafayette Avenue (Gilmor Street entrance)

Baltimore, MD 21217

[email protected]

YO Eastside:

Burgundi Allison, manager, 410-732-2661

YO Eastside Center

Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition (HEBCAC)

1212 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21213

[email protected]

YO Academy:

Ayanna McLean, program director, 410-962-1905/1906

1510 W. Lafayette Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217 

[email protected]

YO Baltimore Centers Map