Port of Baltimore Wage Subsidy Program


Crane in Port of Baltimore

Funding availability: 

Baltimore City has up to $1,000,000 in total wage subsidies for Port businesses under this program to support incumbent workers for Baltimore city residents at $7,500 per subsidy, for a maximum of 3 workers per business. 

Application period:  

The subsidy application period began on April 15, 2024 and will remain open as long as funds are available. Go to bit.ly/bmorewage to apply today. Vaya a bit.ly/bmoresalario  para presentar su solicitud hoy.

Maximum subsidy:  

Businesses may receive up to 3 subsidies, with each subsidy totaling $7,500. A business may receive a maximum of $22,500 in subsidies under this grant. 

Terms and conditions:

The terms and conditions are subject to change. MOED shall determine eligibility requirements and recipients of the subsidy. See the full terms and conditions at bit.ly/bmoreterms.  Consulte los términos y condiciones completos en bit.ly/bmoreterminos.